How it works?

How it Works - Seekkr
Seekkr : is a Marketplace for Professional Service Providers and Buyers. Service Professional can post their Services as many as he can provide. Buyer will search and see the history , feedback of the user and can buy the service. On Other Side If buyer did not find any service on Seekkr or he want some custom quote, he can also post job with custom requirements. Service Providers got notification about the Job and respond accordingly!.

Sell Services on Seekkr

Selling Services on Seekkr allows all type of people to sell service . This is very easy to sell services on Seekkr . Just Signup & Create Your Profile

  • Submit Services (What you can do?)
  • Service Seekers review
  • Hire & Deposit Amount to Escrow (Seekkr)
  • Job/Task Completed
  • Paid

Post Job on Seekkr

Seekkr allows all type of people to post Jobs/Tasks .This is very easy to post task on #Seekkr & get the work done

  • Submit Task(What you need to be done?)
  • Service Providers/Professional will review your jobs / task
  • Submit Proposal
  • Review & Accept Proposal
  • Task Completed
  • Paid

How is this simple to get hired a service professional and get task done?
We provide easy-to-use tools for our valued Service Seekers.