How Seekkr Works?

Whether you need to discover more services for your small setup or you have to promote brilliant talent of yours, even you need to do the advertisement of already running business so that it further flourishes; you have one incredible platform i.e. to post ads for free. If you are looking for platforms where you can not only seek for service provider but can also advertise your products then nothing is better than it will seem as the accessibility of everything under one roof. No need to have access so many website instead of this perfect visionary one.

Every coming day haul the competition to a new level. You need to have a lot of funds for the better quality and quantity. As there is no business without proper promotion of the services and of the material products and advertising means need of more funds. In such unpredictable conditions how to cope up with the competition. Not to worry we have a great solution i.e. post services free and post ads free of cost. We are providing a platform where you come to access the world for your services or products and catch a great audience for your business. The best thing is that all this happen without spending a single penny.

Now as you already get an introduction about the It’s high time to know that how it works.

  • Simple interface of helps the audience to learn easily how to work onto this website.
  • Attain the membership by just making an account on to the website for which you need to follow the simple instructions.
  • As being the member of Now you need to select your field accordingly one can select more than one field/Categories also.
  • You need either to pursue your jobs or to post services for free. Whatever the perspective of joining you just need to cleared about your field/Category & Location.
  • Notification regarding to the services you offers and job you are finding will come into the message box. Click it and contact to the people you are interested in.
  • For post free ads and services you just need to use some old packaging lines with new polished version for your product or service and post task free onto this platform. Digital advertisements need more clarified ads.
  • To sell services online space utilization must be known very exclusively. provides you a great space for your advertisements and you can post services for free. Here you can find jobs as well. As it’s a great two way interactive platform.
  • Security is the key and you must be sure that gives a great integrity and secured value to each and every member of this website.
  • It is not only helps in business interaction but also bound people into relation as one of its aspects is named as matrimonial. Lack of socializing will trouble a lot while building new relations. We keep an eye on this social problem as well and try to cure it by providing space to matrimonial.

We hope that you have a great experience while using