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In late eras of 50s and 60s availability of few brands vs. more public demand creates lesser competition so in turn that was the best time for starting up a business. Now-a-day’s lime light is already booked starring all famous brands. Competition within the brands is unbelievingly increasing by every passing day. So in such conditions if you want to start a new setup or you already have a small one you need to advertise more. Make it famous among the other ones so that your setup can also share the limelight. And for that it you don’t have lots of funds you need not to worry you have a great option here n i.e. posting ads n services for free. Knowledge about free posting ads and services is an instant need for all the new and small town entrepreneurs. As the business flourishes and improves if the services one provides is basically need to known among general people first. Ways that are incredibly useful for free post services and ads are as follows: Blogs writing: One of the most powerful ways of indirect advertising is blogging. Blogs should contain an idea, useful piece of information and definitely keywords. One can get keywords very easily from Google applications. Blog should be very impressive and interesting so that it could easily seek the interest of the readers. New distinguishing thought helps your blog to be more readable. Try to add some content about your product and service for which you need free posting. Blogs should end up with good conclusions. You should give your website address or link with the blog. More the readers of blog in turn increase the viewership of your services. Use of Social Media: Social media is a very strong platform for free posting. Now-a-days social media websites for example twitter, face book is a part of everyone’s life. It has the ability to compete the billboard advertising. You just need to make an account place your product detail; write some catchy lines and pictures. And last but not the least you give the information about the setup you have i.e. the website address contact no and do share about us to some extent. That will be helpful too.   Free posting websites: There are so many free posting services websites are also available. They allowed anyone and everyone to post ads of their products and services for free. One just needs to write some catchy lines which attract your customer. Advertising lines definitely have an entertainment point of view in them as well that will convince your customer’s sub consciously to tend toward your services. Catchy lines should be followed by the details of the services plus the pictures. One key way for your item and service popularity is judging first that which posting for free site is more famous in the country your audience belongs to. Don’t forget to post your ads thrice a week at least. This will help your product to be available within the fresher stack and you will get more audience or viewers.