Sell Service on Seekkr

Selling Services on Seekkr allows all type of peoples to sell service . This is very easy to sell services on Seekkr . Just Signup & Create Your Profile

  • Submit Services (What you can do?)
  • Service Seekers review
  • Hire / Deposit Amount to Escrow (Seekealry)
  • Job/Task Completed
  • Paid


How is this simple to get hired and earn money. We provide easy-to-use tools for our valued Service Providers & Seekers.


No Upfront Cost


How it Works


Service Professional can now offer there services at #Seekearly from SEO, Web developments, Plumbing etc, Set estimate price, receive requests and sell directly to the service seekers/customers.



  1. Set it and Forget it (Set Price for your services so customer can directly purchase)
  2. Get Discovered ( Customers can easily find & Purchase your Service)
  3. Get Paid ( We Escrows the payments when customer hired)



Deliver great services and grow your business.