Q: How do I post a job on Seekkr?

A: Create an account and post your task or job on Seekkr with attractive Image. Service Providers/Professional will browse and will post a bid.

Q: What kind of Jobs can I post on Seekkr?

A: You Can post any kind of Jobs, Browse the available categories for more detail


Q: What happens once a Service Provider post a bid?

A: When you post a task or job on Seekkr, Service Providers will review your task/job and start bidding on this. You can choose suitable bid or coordinate with the Service Provider using Messaging System


Q: How Can i Choose a Service Provider for my Task?

A: You Can Choose the suitable bidder by clicking the SELECT link on the Job/Task Detail page.


Q: How Service Provider will be notified?

A: When you use a bid Service Provider / Professional will be notified instantly using email or SMS and then he is responsible to complete the Job with the given time


Q: How Can i Communicate with the Service Provide?

A: Use Messaging System for communication with Service Provider, So we can help you in exceptional cases.


Q: When my Task or Job will be delivered?

A: When Service provider will complete the Job. You will be notified.


Q: How i Pay for the Job?

A: When Job is completed you will pay the Service Provider using you account credits or the available payment method. Go to Dashboard and the menu “Jobs i have to Pay” . Find the Job and Click on Pay This button.


Please Note: See the Jobs Menu in dashboard for jobs related like active jobs, un-active jobs, pending jobs, need pay etc

Contact us for more details at info@seekkr.com