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Provide CAD designs by our professional CAD designers and 3D printing services and  finished parts.
1. Architecture models
2. Machine parts e.g. gears, couplings, 
    spacers etc.
3. Project prototypes (for schools, colleges & 
    universities )
4. Material: PLA, ABS & TPU.
5. Maximum dimensions 210x210x240mm 
    (8x8x9 in)
6. ABS is a rigid material and used for high 
     strength parts.
7. PLA is less toxic and easier and faster to 
8. TPU is most flexible material as compared 
     to PLA and ABS.
9. TPU material printing is on order and 
     booking facility.

10.Cost: Less than 50grams =Rs.40 per gram
                51 - 200 grams        = Rs.30 per gram
                201 - 500 grams      = Rs.25 per gram
                > 500 grams            = Rs.18 per gram
11. First convert your designs into .stl files. If 
       you find any difficulty feel free to contact 
12. Email your designs @ 
       makbot30@gmail dot com (Replace 
       dot with real dot)
13. CAD designing charges are extra if you 
       don't have a model design. (2D & 3D)
14. We take 50% amount in advance.
15. If you feel any difficulty feel free to 
       contact us.
16. Follow us on instagram @ mak_bot00
17. Whatsapp is available.