Digital media training home based

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Social Media Marketing Expert (Home Based)

Course Duration: 8 Classes of 3 hours, Flexible timing

Course Investment: 30000/-(Includes Course Material, Certificates) (Discount applies)

Who should attend:Those who can not Attend the class due to any reason ,
All those who want to be Social media marketing Expert /Marketing Managers/ Brand Managers/Social Mobilizers/NGO marketing persons.

Course Overview:
- Introduction to Marketing, evolution of marketing in past 30 years.
- Introduction to Social Media, Social media Dynamics, Norms, Statistics (Yasir Ali)
- Social media A change in marketing practices
- Choose the right social media tools to achieve business objectives.
- Increase audience reach and boost sales.
- Learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ in your social media plan.
- Social Media Strategy Implementation
- Facebook Marketing
- Facebook Advertising (Practical Approach)
- Twitter Marketing
- LinkedIn Marketing
- Pinterest Marketing
- Instagram Marketing
- Best practices for integrated Content Marketing and Social Media.
- Social Media Measurement
- How to optimize Social Media for Search?
- How to prepare any Brand for Today’s Social, Local & Mobile Marketing Environment?

Certificate will be awarded
Free consultation for your first social media project will be provided

Contact : 03454001049 03364001049

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