Dry cleaners in new york

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?NYC Dry Cleaners is a full service dry cleaning establishment in New York City. In addition to our Chelsea store, Same Day Dry Cleaning NYC also service hotels, sport clubs, residential buildings? and universities. Our Dry Cleaner Store is managed by a family member to assure the best quality, service and courtesy. Dry Cleaners in New York strive for excellence in our garment care and customer satisfaction.

Dry Cleaners in New York

Dry Cleaners Brooklyn provide a green and Eco-friendly dry cleaning service that is 100% safe for the environment. Unlike traditional dry cleaners, Best Dry Cleaners NYC 2017 use ORGANIC CLEANING and WET CLEANING technology with non-toxic substances such water, biodegradable soap and steam. No use of harmful toxic chemicals. Safe for you and your family. Dry Cleaners in New York pickup and drop-off services are free. Contact US: (212) 647-8602 For the best service of Dry Cleaners in New York.

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