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We Fix Now has provided emergency plumbers in London and electrian services throughout the London area for over 15 years. We also unblock drains, fix central heating and boilers, and sort out problems with your gas.

We Fix Now provides reliable and trustworthy engineers all day and night, every day of the week. Fully qualified and experienced engineers are always available in and around London 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Covering North, South, East, West & Central London areas

Call 0203 355 2783 now, and your call will be answered in person by one of our friendly, local staff who will help you get your house running again.

We have plumbers, electricians, drain engineers, and gas and central heating engineers to ensure you get the best possible service. We have a great team of friendly and helpful operators answering your calls so that you get the right engineer for the job.

When you call for emergency plumbing services in london areas mentioned above, the operator who attends the call will ask you for some information about your plumbing problem, including your location, and will call you back when our engineer’s on the way.


You’ll be told how much you’ll be charged for each half hour’s work the engineer does, including any diagnostic work needed. This rate won’t include any parts or equipment hire needed,  or VAT.

We Fix Now will charge you only for the time our engineers spend solving your problem. We won’t charge you for their travelling time, or for any time they spend collecting day-to-day parts (they carry most such parts in their vans).

If specialist parts are needed, we may charge up to one hour’s travelling time to collect them. Our engineers  always try to minimise travelling time and use the nearest available supplier.

Our maximum markup on parts is  20%.


Once our engineers have diagnosed and solved your immediate problem, they will take payment by cash, cheque with a banker’s card or major credit card. If substantial works are required, and you agree, we may request a deposit.

Quotations and Estimates

Once the initial diagnosis is complete, our engineers will happily provide a fixed price for further work or, if you prefer, an estimate of how long the work will take to complete together with an hourly rate.


Work performed by We Fix Now engineers, and the parts they supply, are guaranteed for one year. This only exceptions to this guarantee are if the work is a temporary fix requested by you, and drain clearances.


We Fix Now engineers do not overcharge or waste time.  Any over payment will be refunded immediately, and steps taken to prevent it happening in future.

Please call us for any emergency plumber services in London

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