I can do data entry and also typing of information both in ms word and excel

CREATED 6 months ago

  • Easy To add/ Update data and products.
  • Expert with MS office.
  • Willing to locate at our both office as much needed.
  • Manage Daily expenses.
  • Monitor and develop the day-to-day financial operations manually and on computer within the company, invoicing, and other transactions
  • Maintain all receivables, payable ledgers and update it on daily basis and entring data.
  • Check and balance of all agreement and inform clients for renewal of agreements 1 month before ending date of agreements.
  • Development profit/loss statements of expenses , Ledges and up to date it on daily basis.
  • Submit daily reports and monthly accounts report with Authorities.
  • Prepare data for tax preparation, banking, and other financial needs as necessary

Requirements from user

Records and data for entery.




Some Extras

  • I can enter the data for Rs 20 in 2 days

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