Termite proofing fumigation and insect control services in lahore

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Unifoster - The Ultimate Protection is Termite Proofing, Fumigation and Insect Controler Services Provider in Lahore. We are delaing in residentail and commercial building for termite proofing, Fumigation and Insect control services. UNIFOSTER is a professional pest control company, very much confident to gives your warrantee period for FIVE YEARS only. I the rermite reappears in the treated structure/ area, company will retreat the particular are " FREE OF COST"

Termite Proofing for New Construction (10 Years Warranty)
Termite Proofing for Already Constructed Buildings(Five years warranty) 
Fumigation Services (For Dengue and other crawling & flying insects)
Water Proofing Services
We Being Professional company work with trained labor and under proper supervision.
Box Pack- Warranty: 1 Year

Public Health and Household Chemicals, Termite Proofing & Fumigation Services in Lahore Pakistan
Address - 332-R/3 Near Shoukat Khanum Hospital, Johar Town Lahore

Tel: +92 42 370 32661

Arshad Mehmmod Zubairi (Marketing Manager) : 0334-4215438
Rana Wajid Ramzan (National Sales Manager) 0300-7300371, 03454355255

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