Looking for maid for my house

CREATED 10 months ago

We are searching for a House Maid. The age should be between 12-15 years. Max age 18. 

We both are working person. We have a baby care room in which all the accessories are provided to my wife from her office. 

The Maid task should be following but not limited to:

1. Will be staying with us everytime. 

2. She will be travelling with my wife. 

3. All the accessories to maid will be provided by us. Plus additional benefits. 

4. Work load is not much, basically she will be just assiting my wife.

5. We will provide space, food, Televission, outing with us, dinner with us on the table. The person wont be treated as maid rather she will be a part of us. 

Further can be discussed upon meeting with my wife with the maid.


Location: Reveune Society Johar Town, Lahore.




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